Watchmen Weekly-“The Pendulum Effect”

Watchmen Weekly- Octoberber 12, 2010– with Chris Ardern, Bob Gerrity, and Bill Johnson

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The Watchmen weekly summit on current events, prophetic sign posts and scriptural rendering of the end times.

The dialectic in the spiritual/political realm…the pendulum swings from the left to the right…”the Mormon and the pin-up doll”…the latter rain and the man-child emerging…the Gulf of Mexico soft kill…Bill explores the 40 year cycle with abortion in America..the.400 years of the 1611 KJV…the pendulum swings…the famine of the Word (spiritual Egypt and Sodom)…Jeremiah 18 and the New Israel:

“And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.
Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying, O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter?”-Jeremiah 18:4-6
The Isaiah 28 study continues…

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  1. I had a request to post the poem from (Edward Hayse Plumptree 1821-1891)

    This was written before the Schofield dispensation era.
    Sounds as if it were a different song than today’s apostasy.

    Thy hand O GOD; has guided thy flock from age to age,
    thy wondrous word is written, full clear on every page;
    our fathers worked thy goodness, as their deeds they did record;
    and both of these bear witness, one church, one faith, one LORD.

    Thy heralds brought glad tidings to greatest as to least;
    they bade men rise not hasten, to share the great KING’S feast;
    and this was all their teaching, in every deed and word;
    to all alike proclaiming, one church,one faith one LORD.

    When shadows thick were falling, and all seemed sunk in night;
    thou LORD didst send thy servants, thy chosen son’s of light
    on them and on thy people, thy plenteous grace was poured,
    and this was still the message, one church, one faith, one LORD.

    And shall we be faithless, shall hearts fail with hands hung down?
    Shall we evade the conflict, and cast away our crown?
    Not so; in GOD’S deep counsels some better thing is stored,
    we will maintain unflinching, one church, one faith one LORD.

    Thy mercy will not fail us, nor leave thy work undone;
    with thy right hand to guide us, the victory shall be won,
    then by men and angeles, thy name shall be adorned,
    and this shall be their anthem, one church, one faith, one LORD

    Edward Hayse Plumptree 1821-1891

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