Watchmen Weekly: Tavistock


The Watchmen pick up the 1947 Pale Horse study spotlighting The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Few realize the destructive force of Propaganda on our lives, Tavistock has played and is playing the leading role in shaping U.S. policies and world events. It is undoubtedly, the mother of all mind control and mind conditioning centers in the world.
Mar 13:5 And Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you:
Also: Jonathan Pollard Iraeli spy, is in the news…again. Not good. We take a look at the “Vinyard that is given to another”, dual fulfilment, playing out in real time.
Tavistock Propaganda Links


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  1. Check your play button, guys. It’s connected to your Tavistock source link instead of the audio file. Presently, one can only listen by downloading.

  2. WOW! This one is pretty deep. Need to listen a couple more times to absorb it all. But, things are becoming more clear all the time. I just want to thank you guys for your diligence and love for the brethren. I have the shows and break out studies on my mp3 and listen over and over. God bless you my brothers. I’m going back to the beginning, plumeline, it should flow alot more now. By the way, MORE BREAK OUTS PLEASE. I’m a junkie!!! HA HA.

  3. Once again gentlemen, you have outdone yourselves & provided another outstanding & extremely insightfull study! Whether you
    realize it or not, a great many of the missing puzzle pieces that
    dipict these times in which we find ourselves, was effectively put into their proper positions.Not only is the overall pictures
    per-se (a type of multi-dimensional holographic picture puzzle for the lack of better description) made that much discernable, but a great many of the clouds blocking that view have been made to disapate & provide us w/ such views in their true light!
    If one takes the overall data as provided by the “hole in da wall gang” in conjunction w/ that of which Jas.Lloyd, Randy & Sue have have taught & expressed, thus, we are collectively in the very position our Lord Jesus the Christ wants us to be.
    To make a long & wordy comment short: good job gents!

  4. Play button fixed! A minor coding error.

    Randy (itinerant webmaster)

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