Watchmen Weekly: Billy Graham

2Pe 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.
We continue our Pale Horse Study, this week we present part 1 of “Billy Graham” exposing the true motives behind the mass merchandising practices embraced by today Harlot Church. More deception traced to 1947-48 final turn, home stretch run of Satans bid for complete control. Current Events include falling birds and Leviathan the Beast out of the sea, manifesting in real time.


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  1. Thank you Chris for sharing your testimony. I am going thru some of the same things and issues. You guys said something provocative to me, that Babylon assembled out of fear of being scattered in the wilderness. That has been holding me back, I have been fearful of truly being scattered (100%) and because of that I have compromised with the world where I should not be. Until we come out, we will not endure the full breath of the persecution we are promised to all who choose to live a godly live in Christ Jesus.

  2. Chris, I always am encouraged to hear how the Remnant has been called out. My situation was much like yours,except they wanted to bring me before the church and vote me out!! Thanks to you I found Randy and Sue and The Watchman Weekly through the Watchmans Cry forum. I have since left there to because of the leaven. My screen name was (eyesthatseejenny). I e-mailed you a couple of times. I just want to thank you guys for all you do for the Remnant. I thank God every day for my wilderness, it’s here I have truly been taught the truth of HIs word. God Bless you all. Janet

  3. Thanks for enduring Chris, as you related your story I felt your pain, I felt alone, as I’m sure you did. I thank God for Bill and Bob, who obviously helped you through it. I pray God comes against anything that would hinder this ministry. And I pray for all of your protection from evil. Sorry that it hit so close to home for you, brother ! The Lord saw that you could do it, and that is a mighty witness, indeed ! PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY

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