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Eze 9:4 Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.
This week we tie a little more truth into the Mark of the Beast study, spend some time on the Mark of God and make some more connections between the Gog Magog War, Joels Army, the tribulation and where we are today. This is a transition show from Rev 13 into Rev 17 and the Gog Magog break out studies.that are just ahead, why? because we’re here. Folks prophecy is being fullfilled almost faster than we can keep up with. Join us now, and we encourage you to stick with us as we bring out the word as the Lord leads in these perilous, perilous times. Jesus’ yoke is the only place to be.


~ by watchmenweekly on May 30, 2011.

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  1. Classic.
    That is the best image for a show ever.

    • Amen Gordon! The only thing missing is “Ichabod” written above the door!

  2. Excellent talk, guys! We are equally yoked with you and anyone else out there that has eyes to see and ears to hear. You’re diligent studies are bringing out the truth that has been there all along. We, too, feel so sad for family and friends that don’t see it, yet. But we are here to love them and show our fruits by just being here for them – always. We don’t have to say a thing.
    Thanks for who you are in Christ!

  3. You guys are keeping me sane right now in my little wilderness experience in the wilderness. Thanks for your faithfullness to keep going.

  4. Every show is confirmation to what i know is Ture!!! Edification to keep on the right side of the Plumbline. i may not grasp all the understanding yet, However, i know it’s Truth when i hear it. This is kindergarten to college teaching. and i’m still in the first grade!! Praising God for you and your ministry. Keep it coming!!

  5. Thank you guys. You all are so diligent to get this word out. It is so refreshing. I’m just trying to soak it all in. Sometimes repeating your studies time and time again.

  6. And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Walvoord: and the third part of the waters became Walvoord; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. -Revelation 8:10-11


    The word ‘church’ isn’t mentioned on earth after Revelation, Chapter 3, and the Cult will say that its because the church has been raptured. This is a lame argument though, because the word ‘church’ is not explicitly mentioned in Heaven either.

    The word ‘Rapture’, according to Wikipedia: “in the context of eschatology, is an English noun derived from the Latin [a bad source] verb rapi?, “caught up” or “taken away.” as found in the Vulgate rendering of 1 Thessalonians 4:17. The Latin rapiemur is Saint Jerome’s translation of the Koine Greek verb [harpagesometha], which means “we shall be caught up,” “taken away,” or “raptured.” The dictionary form of this Greek verb is harpaz?, which is used only in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and Acts 8:38.”

    The Rapture Cult wearies me when they routinely crow that; “the word Rapture is not in the Bible, as the word Bible is not in the Bible, but, we know that a Bible exists because you’re reading from one right now, yuck yuck.” Those with eyes to see can recognize that these tricks are just some more symptoms of disingenuous misdirection to lead you away from the truth. Not surprisingly, there are other missing words that aren’t specifically in the Bible, and a couple of these are:

    abandon, abrupt, absolute, across, address, aggressive, aim, ale, alert, ambition, amulet, amuse, animal, announce, anthem, anxious, apathy, apology, apostate, applause, arc, architect, aroma, arrange, artery, article, aspire, assume, attack, attempt, attract, award, awful, bacon, bait, barb, barely, beak, below, belt, bet, bib, big, bin, block, bother, bounce, brace, brew, bridge, brilliant, bronze, brush, buck, bug, bust, butcher, button, cabbage, calendar, candy, canopy, cap, cape, capture, caravan, caress, carpet, carrot, cat, caution, ceiling, center, chair, cheap, chin, chip, claim, clam, clarify, clash, class, clench, clergy, clerk, clever, cling, clot, club, clutch, coach, coarse, cobra, cocoon, coffee, coin, collapse, column, comb, combine, comet, commerce, community, complement, complex, compliment, compromise, concur, condense, cone, confine, confront, connect, construct, contact, contest, contract, contrast, contrive, control, converge, cot, cotton, cough, coward, crab, crack, crawl, cream, crowd, crude, cube, cult, curb, curl, curve, damp, date, decorate, deluge, demon, dense, depend, deplore, deposit, depress, desecrate, design, destiny, detail, develop, dictate, dire, distort, disturb, dive, dock, dodge, doe, donate, doom, douse, draft, drain, drench, drift, drill, drizzle, droop, duck, eager, edict, effort, ego, elbow, elephant, equip, essence, evaporate, exist, explain, expose, fabric, fact, fate, fawn, feature, fern, fertile, fib, flavor, flaw, fleet, flush, formal, fortune, fragrant, fume, fun, fur, fuss, gag, gamble, game, gear, gem, gesture, glance, glimpse, glow, goal, gorge, gossip, grade, grasp, grip, guess, harbor, harmony, harsh, haul, hint, hitch, hoard, hog, human, humid, humor, hurry, hustle, idea, identity, ignite, illegal, immoral, indicate, inept, insect, insert, insight, interest, interior, introduce, invest, involve, item, jade, jam, jerk, jug, keen, knot, lapse, lash, lax, leak, legend, level, limb, limp, link, liquid, list, lit, local, lounge, luck, lug. lull, lumber, lure, luxury, mace, main, major, malevolent, mane, map, mass, mat, match, medium, menorah, metal, meteor, method, millennium, mineral, minor, mirror, misfit, mission, mob, mold, moral, mud, mug, muscle, mush, mute, mystic, myth, nap, nape, nasty, neat, nerve, neutral, nice, nip, normal, notion, numerous, oasis, obstruct, occult, ocean, ode, omnipresent, omniscient, opposite, oral, orange, ordeal, ore, oyster, pagan, page, panel, parallel, pat, patch, pea, peak, peek, peg, pelt, penalty, pepper, period, pet, phantom, pie, pig, pinch, pink, pious, plan, plod, plump, pocket, pod, poke, polite, pollen, pop, pope, popular, pork, pose, positive, potential, pouch, practical, pragmatic, precipice, precise, predator, pregnant, pressure, pretend, pretty, primary, probation, problem, progress, project, prominent, prone, propose, prospect, prostrate, prowl, pry, pulp, pump, punch, puncture, pungent, pup, pupil, purgatory, pyramid, quality, quantity, quote, rabbit, rack, radiant, radical, raft, raid, rake, rat, ravage, ray, react, real, recess, recite, recognize, reduce, refer, reflect, regret, regular, relate, relish, remind, replace, resign, respond, result, retrieve, review, revise, revolution, rice, ridicule, rig, rigid, rim, risk, roam, romantic, rout, rug, rupture, rut, sacrament, sacred, sag, sauce, savage, scandal, scene, scoop, score, scrap, scratch, screen, seep, sentiment, sermon, sex, shallow,shatter, shell, shift, shop, shy, sinister, sip, site, skim, slash, sleeve, slice, slope, sly, smile, snag, snake, snap, soap, social, solid, solution, soup, sovereign, spell, spike, splash, splint, split, squash, squeeze, stab, stage, start, starve, stash, statue, steam, stew, stow, strap, stray, stress, strict, sty, style, suggest, suicide, surface, surge, surpass, surrender, survey, suspect, suspend, sway, swing, symbol, sympathy, system, tab, tad, tag, tangle, tap, tar, tea, team, tense, territory, test, theology, theory, thrive, tight, tiny, toast, tomato, tone, tough, trace, track, trail, trait, tray, treat, trick, Trinity, trip, trombone, trot, trunk, tub, tuck, tune, tunnel, twin, twist, type, unearth, union, unique, universal, upset, urn, vacant, vagrant, vague, vase, vast, vegetable, Venus, verse, vicious, victim, vilify, vindicate, vital, vocal, volcano, vulgar, vulnerable, wad, wade, waist, wan, warrant, wart, welcome, width, wobble, worry, wreck.

    My point is that the above words could be in the Bible. Just because the word “rapture” is not in the Bible does not mean that it does belong there. Not even the concept of a rapture is a reality. You would be better to insert ‘microwave oven’ in the text. At least that is something that, even though it wasn’t in existence in the first century, it is now. The rapture was never a possibility, and never will be. Everyone will be left behind when the fit hits the shan. If you’re waiting on the rapture, it will be a crap shoot. Even if the rapture were true, Pastor John Hagee would need two tractor beams to heave him up. That Slimfast® just isn’t working for him, and, who really wants to (ugh) have Mr Hagee speaking in thongs?

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