“give not thine heritage to reproach” Joel Part 2

DOWNLOAD MP3 Jer 17:4 And thou, even thyself, shalt discontinue from thine heritage that I gave thee; and I will cause thee to serve thine enemies in the land which thou knowest not: for ye have kindled a fire in mine anger, which shall burn for ever. We continue our study in Joel. With one faction of the Harlot Christian Religious System laying claim to the status of “Joels Army” we seek the Lord for clarity and understanding as to the proper rendering of this most important piece of Gods word. This series on Joel, father of Gog, is most important.


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  2. I’m beggining to see that the conspiracy is out to destroy the church and the bible is a spiritual book for those who really seek to live Godly. Satan is working overtime to confuse and deceive all people but most likely the believer of our Lord Jesus Christ. I agree that who ever is out there working signs and lying wonders is trying to stage biblical prophecy to only distract believers from the spiritual interpitation. Babylon is in the hearts of those who love not the truth and the Babylonians have crept into our assemblys and have gave us no choice but to flee into the mountains. Some say that not all assemblys have gone astray only those that teach peace and security, but the more I want to believe this the more I’m convinced by scripture that we are in the midst of the great falling away. Honestly not to sound that I’m in denial but I dont believe in a New World Order anymore after reading scripture and seeking The Father through Jesus Christ Im conviced that there is a conspiracy, but not as we see in the internet but the conspiracy is in the church. The world is full disinformation to distract us from the enemy that has crept in.

  3. The enemy is the parasitic state in the state and the cryptos in the church who claim to love Jesus but in truth mean rabbinic talmudic judaism spiced with false messianism.Christian zionists fell on their knees to worship the beast focusing on the old covenant with was gone when Jesus came to full fill true prophecy.They want their military messiahs back to establish an vain earthly kingdom.What they get is a terror state called israel with the antichrist sit on the throne and the coming noahide laws who will target even those who are in bed with them.Because according to the satanic talmudic laws they are alleged idol worshipers in praying to Jesus.

  4. Very good analysis Jose, they are counterfeiting everything in order that we take our eyes off Jesus. We greatly value appreceate the comments and understandings from the listeners.


  5. The pit is open and Joel’s army is here, the green grass is being burnt up. In the physical we see people oppressed, imprisoned for no good reason, hungry, jobless. I see it in the world. In my city cops shoot the unarmed to the point is it commonplace. They go back on the job or get leave with pay. No biggie.

    A physical Joel’s army among the Jews that do lie. Those serpents in the 501c3’s are joined to the power structure. It is all real, not a conspiracy.
    The scripture is the Truth but everything is in place such as Noahide laws and the NWO – the Beast power one world government and one world religion not in effect even as the Noahide law, but this is just His timing.
    It will come about, be shortlived but it will be here, how else can the multitude be slaughtered till none be left alive? I am referring to scripture. And there is much scripture to support the Judas cycle. The king of the pit of locusts is the man of perdition. As Judas was the son of perdition. We are in the great falling away. He will be revealed.

    The spirit of Esau is rising on the serpent side. We see that even if those not remnant do not see it or even care.

    Curious if watchmen believe scripture regarding the walk of the multitude to be the same as Jesus’s walk, meaning that the multitude will be imprisoned and murdered when they wake up. When I read all the scriptures regarding this I believe God’s word to mean just that.

    True, this is the apostate Church 2/3’s or world’s version of counterfeiting scripture to do what they think is a service to God but is in effect what God wants from the multitude for their iniquity and to wash their robes white in the blood of the Lamb.

    Is there somewhere I got lost and disconnected. Please correct me if I am wrong. I know judgment begins at the House of God first but I know that if you do not have the Holy spirit dwelling in you have another spirit. No one is an empty vessel and the scorpions are many and need not be in the church construct and the multitude in iniquity are not all church-goers but love Jesus Christ but partake of xmas etc for they love not the Truth and do not study themselves approved.


    • I’m in total agreement with you as far as the great falling away, but I also believe as I stated in my comment that this New World Order idea may also be a deception to distract us to pay attention to a flesh fulfilment of scripture. Not to say that you’re deceived by it, but many are. If you really think about with loggic it will be pretty difficult to control everyone even by a use of a microchip. I believe everything written by John the Apostle was written for the church of Christ and for the eddification of the spiritual walk of the believer. Yet I always keep an open mind for I also don’t ignore that I may also lack knowledge on this subject. God Bless

  6. Amanda thanks so much for your helpfull comments.

    All Christians who walk in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. There will be, and has been for 2000 Christian martyrs. All are the man child and all will be under persecution. Lamitations 5-5. Persecution is not easy no matter what form it comes in. Persecution is separation, loneliness, loss, anguish and rejection that it brings. You must be strong in the Lord, by putting His Word in your heart, establishing a relationship and following daily. Without preparation there is no way we will endure when faced with great loss, imprisonment or death.

    Beheaded is 5 times in the NT meaning all of the man child who are under persecution will be given grace. The salvation of the soul.

    Persecution is 14 times in the NT, the joining of the disciples with the multitude. We are kept in the midst of tribulation. John 17:14-15

    We must all be prepared to stand regardless.Will all the Saints Perish? Many will be alive and remain when Christ returns. I believe the Saints under the alter who are crying out for vengeance are the Saints form the whole 2000 yr. church age, not just the ones during the little season. It appears there are 2 groups of believers acknowledged in Revelation Chapter 7. Either group could suffer martyrdom by death, all are the man child in Rev 12. and will suffer persecution of some nature. Each of us I might say all have our own breaking points, and God is quite aware of this also.

    Jesus said He gives you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and nothing shall hurt you. These are the perfection of the saints over the last 2000 years (144,000) “nothing shall hurt you” means your are sealed and spiritually saved, not physically protected from death. Although during the Gog-Magog (little season) some may be protected physically as well . The 144,000 can very easily become a cult religion like the rapture if not kept in check. I was starting to get caught up in it myself awhile back. Both groups the (3rd, 6th. 9th) hr workers which are the 5 wise virgins, and the (11th) hour workers are 5 foolish virgins. All working for the same penny, and both make up the fullness of the man child. (fullness of the Gentiles become in). There are FOUR hrs of the day in which they come ( 4 meaning tribulation).

    In the beginning there were 3, God the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, the fourth element added was the creation, creation was designed from the very beginning to purge a people out to be with God for eternity. Its has been 6000 years of a tribulation a purging process to refine his (the silver and the gold). All of the post believers make up the man child, and are the 2 witnesses, and have been for the last 2000 years. There will also be a final version of the 2 witnesses during the Gog-Magog, Armagedden little season of the last and great tribulation.

    God Bless

    • Hi Bill,
      Thank you for this wonderful overall composite that you put together in this short summary of past, present and future. You are right about warning of the 144,000 teaching easily becoming a cult religion, I got caught up in it myself. The Lord showed me earlier this year it was another trap.
      God bless you my brother,
      Linda Ryan

  7. The 11th hour worker appears to be during the little season. Also all of the
    NT applies to each of us as individulas over the past 2000 yrs., as well as an overlay of the church on a whole. there have been many 11th hour workes in the last 2000 years. There have also been 3rd hr. workers who fell away, as Jesus warned about. He that endureth to then end shall be saved.


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