Chris Ardern: Breakout Study: The Promise

Download Study NotesThose of you that know my testimony know that the threshing machine went right through the middle of my house. Because of that I have limited time with my beautiful teenage daughters and realized i can communicate with them through the wonders of electronic media as well. I did a study on the Covenant of Promise for them. It covered good foundational truth that I felt I should share.


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  1. Oh what I would have given to have had a dad show me how much he cared and loved me, by sitting down and teaching me of God’s TRUTH and His promise to me. I went on to learn this much later in life, but not without going through the hard painful lessons that the world teaches us when we walk without the Lord. God bless you Chris, you have done a beautiful thing. Your children may not realize it at this point and time, but the day is coming that they will see and understand.
    Linda Ryan

  2. Chris, you love your children so very much and one day your girls will look back and see just how much . Your study was spot on and I learned a great deal from it. Thank You and May God continue to bless you in your true walk of faith.


  3. It’s time to rally around Chris.
    My heart and prayers go out to you.

  4. Thank you for sharing this testimony, Chris. God bless you and your children and I pray that God will open the eyes and ears of your wife to the truth of His Word.

  5. Awesome study Chris. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your daughters are truly blessed to have such a loving and caring and godly father. I listened to this over and over, and it was such an edifying help of encouragment for me to hear. I can echo all that Linda wrote in wishing to have had this in life. It was not easy to have grown up essentially fatherless and without the spiritual guidance only a loving dad would have been led of the Lord to provide. It left a hole in my heart that only Jesus could ever fill. You and your daughters and wife are in our prayers Chris. The Lord Jesus Christ is faithful who “promised”. His truth shall prevail. Indeed He has healed my broken heart, and I pray he brings His light and love and healing to you and your family in these days ahead. God bless you dear brother.

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