The Modern Crusades



This week join us as we welcome our friend and guest Gordon Comstock as we discuss modern problems. The Beast and Harlot are continuing their advancments. We expose and discuss what we see.


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  1. Love the show as I do all of them. Just wanted to state how I feel about one
    comment about Texe Marrs being a Jew hater. I have listened to him very often but have outgrown him. True he exposes the doings of that nation
    and brings to light: surely these people are not the chosen people. He does understand about God’s people being spiritual Jews and has never pointed to anything or anyone but Jesus Christ.
    He falls short of the mark, is a pastor and sells books. He is not remnant. All true. But in exposing those that elevate physical Jews and believe Israel (the nation) can do no wrong he points the way to the spiritual as much as he can. He can never express things as a remnant because he is not, but he loves Jesus Christ and is doing God’s work. He writes a lot and does his research. Again he falls short of the mark, mingles too much with those of the world, but perhaps that is his position to shed some light so some can move on to a greater Light, the Light of the world, Jesus Christ.
    And I pray he would come to the spiritual Truth more fully but would not
    label him a hater of any people. God will sort him out in time and he has
    suffered already great loss and had to bury his children, something truly trying and he has not stopped loving Jesus Christ. We cannot all be remnant firstfruits, the rest of God’s people will come to the Truth later
    and we will be one flock. Perhaps being in error he is not fully in covenant,
    true, but again the multitude are not in covenant now. But God loves them,
    His lost sheep and they will find their way home. Had a comment been
    made about any other teacher/pastor/prophet I have outgrown I might even
    agree and would not bother to take the time to put in a word for them, but
    Texe Marrs, well I have a soft spot in my heart for him and even though he
    is not remnant and does not see a lot while he sees a lot!…I have to step
    in and say this man is not a hater. I think he is very saddened and displeased with the Esau types and the Star of David types and he teaches
    these people do not love Jesus Christ and teaches the best that he can.
    He does bring to light that Israel is spiritual and we are spiritual Jews
    and not to elevate a physical people and a physical nation. He taught me
    a lot till I woke up to be able to enter into covenant with God.

  2. I stand by my statement about Texe Marrs. I do not do so without some knowledge of the man’s teachings, which underwent a conspicuous jesuitical change about 3-4 years ago. I take no pleasure in making or maintaining the statement and belief.

  3. Really good show guys, I’ve always enjoyed listening to Gordon. I want to ask to join me in prayer for I ‘m really struggling with my walk with Christ at this moment. I’m at the point of making some hard decissions that really have me confused. I just want God’s will to be perfected in my life, but right now cant seem to see what direction to take. I will appreciated very much.

  4. Then I am right to decide to ignore Texe, God is guiding me. I do not know
    much about him. So I respect your comment. I made mine out of ignorance
    and just based on my heart and well we know the heart can be deceitful.
    I know you take no pleasure in this. I thank you for the warning and your
    response, Mr. Comstock. God Bless you and yours. Amanda

  5. Two of my former regular guests that I trust on this issue had tried contacting Texe Marrs about the noticeable change in his ministry about four years ago. They asked him why he didn’t talk about the Vatican anymore, but instead talked much more about “the Jews”. He answered one of them, but his comments were evasive. I got the same thing from Dr. Stan when I contacted him years ago. You wonder what makes these people do what they do, when they knowingly teach partial facts and truth only.
    I will say this: I should not have said Texe Marrs was a “Jew hater.” That was ad-hominem. I should just have said he blames “the Jews” way too much, that he doesn’t specify who or what exactly these “Jews” are. He should specify and say “Sabbateaens” or “Frankists” or “Labor Zionists”, all of which describe the same thing, the masonic ruling class of Israel that is beholden to the Vatican. But Texe uses the vague term “Jews” and that is frightening language because tyranny thrives in ambiguity and that’s how the Nazis said it. They too used the vague term “Jews”. And of course whenever somebody does that, they only persecute the poor Jews, not the ruling Zionists who were in cahoots with the Nazis and are today under the Vatican.

  6. Dear brother Jose

    Have missed you on Pete’s discussion board as of late, I along with Bob and Chris will be praying for you during this difficult time of decisions in life, may the Father guide and protect you always, We love you brother.

    Keep Jesus love and give it to others

  7. Thanks Bill, I been very distracted lately and feeling unworthy of God’s grace. I usually feel like this when the Holy Spirit wants to get my attention. I think I made a change for the good and now I need to stay firm in what I decided. I need God to strenghten me. God Bless you guys thanks.

  8. Gordon a great sister book to read after Dr. Mary’s Monkey is “Me and Lee.” Great details on that time in New Orleans and the CIA’s cancer labs.

    Disagree with calling Texe a “jew hater.” Calling people a hater is a leftist tactic and shuts down debate. The early persecuted Christians in Rome were called “haters of mankind” according to Tacitus. You mention a new inquisition coming. Well the inquisitors will be leading the charge by fighting “hate”.One could just as easily call you a “catholic hater” and you would rightly feel misunderstood.

    I went through the whole Jesuits are at the top of the pyramid thing and now I am looking at the Zionists are at the top. Of course Satan is at the top and there are none righteous, no not one.No doubt both groups are hard at work in tandem like pro wrestlers. The vatican (false prophet?)poses as the mean, intolerant, hypocrytical “christian” foil to make the “jews” look like a persecuted minority despite the jew’s vast wealth and power. Some day the pope and vatican may bow to Israel and its messianic leader convincing the world and worldly christians who God’s “chosen” really are.

    Yes the Jesuits are in the shadows woking skulduggery but so are the Zionists. Who works for who? Eric Jon Phelps, the author of Vatican assassins is an Israeli diamond merchant painting the Jesuits as behind everything and markets new age products.

  9. Lavictoire,
    If you had read my comments above, you would know that I already stated that it was wrong of me to resort to a spontaneous, heat-of-the-moment ad-hominem barb at Texe Marrs; nevertheless, as you can also read in my follow up comments above, I stick to my guns that Texe Marrs is a source of dangerous disinformation. (See above if you want the details, but I am fairly certain that you don’t.)
    Yes, yes, I know all about Phelps’s “diamond merchant” stuff. That went the rounds of our emails discussions years ago. I don’t even know where to begind to explain truth to you about this, because there is so much to explain to you. For starters, it’s a non-issue. For second starters, there is much about Phelps that doesn’t sit well with me. He only has a handle on the Vatican stuff. I part ways with him on a lot of other issues.
    But finally, Lavictoire, I am tired of dealing with people like you that won’t face facts. I am sick and tired of it. I have about 40 or 50 sources that I can cite, at the very least, that will prove to reasonable minds that the Vatican sits atop the NWO pyramid structure. Almost all of these sources pre-date any source you can drum up which purportedly and dangerously and ambiguously says, “The ‘Jews’ did it!”.
    But I can nail this down with one simple proof and truism. It is an extraordinarily simple question. And it is this:
    When the Jesuits and the Vatican were assassinating Abraham Lincoln, where were these vaunted “zionists” of yours? I shall tell you where they were: They were a mere zygote in history. They were scarcely formed at all.
    By the way, I have another question for you:
    Did Adam Weishaupt, the vaunted founder of the “illuminati”, attend a Zionist university, or did he in fact attend a Jesuit university?
    I have no hatred for roman catholics. But your average roman catholic is as clueless as your average freemason. It is the hierarchy which is evil. And that is why I am ALWAYS very careful to say “the Vatican” or “the S.o.J.” or “Rome”, and not to pin the blame on “catholics”.
    But guys like you and Texe Marrs do this dangerous, ambiguous thing where you blame and rail against “the Jews”. That is vague. That is what the Nazis did. That is only going to get a bunch of poor “Jewish” people killed, and let the hierchary of Labor Zionists/Frankists/Sabbateans, which are powerful but subservient to the Vatican, get off scot-free, even as they did during and after WWII, when the Nazis killed the poor “Jews” mercilessly but were actually in alliance with the Sabbatean Zionists.
    You and Texe Marrs are dangerous and full of disinformation. You are of your father, the Devil. Go away.
    There are plenty other website for you dissemble your disinformation. I am specific in letting my audience know that I am not blaming Catholics; Texe Marrs and guys like you are VAGUE in blaming “the Jews”, and TYRANNNY THRIVES IN AMBIGUITY, as George Orwell noted many times in his writings. Go away and disseminate your hatred for “jews” elsewhere. Beat it. Let me shake the dust off my sandals now. I shall not answer you again, unless you ask for my list of sources which blow apart your wilfull ignorance on this subject. I shall provide you with that if you ask, but I shall have no other discussions with you. There are too many Proverbs (26:4) which tell me not to bother with such people, if you are one of them, and so far you sound like one.

  10. Regardless what many think about Phelps,Tex Mars and the whole lot of them is that if you remove the mercahandising aspect they would be gone within 48 hours. They are only there for the money and nothing else.


  11. They all have a “form of godliness” but the truth is not in them. Even though they have many facts about the subjects in which they speak of, the bottom line is “the truth is not in them”. Phelps and Mars both are blind and live in the flesh with no spiritual understanding what so ever.


  12. Without knowing and teaching the real spiritual solution to the problem, what they are doing is actually adding to the problem.


  13. Thank you, Gordon, for taking the time and enduring your feelings, to expound on your breakthrough knowledge and especially in answering Lavictoire.
    Having relatives and friends still in churchianity, it is easy to pridefully expound on a narrow piece of truth pie. And tare-led churchian’s blind allegience to physical Israel, while maintaining intolerance of RCC, gave me a partial and inadequate impression that Labor Zionists/Frankists/Sabbateans were the top of the pyramid.

    Thank you, Gordon, for showing me wrong, and I look forward to learning more.

    (Btw, besides being nonspecific in his Jew hating, Tex Mars also turned me off misrepresenting house church.)

    You said you were weary of such interchanges, but brother Gordon, this was my first exposure and it was very eye opening – – so I hope you are encouraged and keep engaging in debate, as the Lord leads.

    If you could forward a file of the references you mentioned to Lavictoire, I would sincerely appreciate it. My email is

    God bless you, see you then.

  14. I will send that list to you, Harvey.
    BTW, I have been chagrined at my anger in my response to Lavictoire. All day I felt queazy about it. I need to find a way to respond to guys like Lavictoire without getting angry. So far I am not succeeding. I encounter guys like this so much. There is a HUGE American Brown shirt shirt movement upswelling in this country, and if it ever unites the small “christian patriot” crowd with the larger Tea Party crowd, as would seem to be its natural progression, then say “Hello” to massive pogroms and holocausts in America. It is oft-repeated European history now repeating in America. And it is always the same: the Vatican persecuting “the Jews” is the oldest trick in the book, except perhaps for the Vatican persecuting those in Christ who won’t bow down to Rome. The point is that it is ANY who won’t bow down to Rome who are going to get slaughtered. Note that, all throughout the past 2000 years, it has been Rome and european nobility persecuting “the Jews”, NEVER the other way around. It is the oldest cannard in the book. The only somewhat new twist on this cycle of horror here in America is that the American brownshirt movement not only blames “the Jews” as their scapegoat, they also have recourse to this new label “the Zionists”. But the problem with that is, it still is ambiguous. It doesn’t tell us which Zionists. And you can be sure it won’t be the Sabbatean Zionists they will eventually settle on slaughtering. It will again, just like always, inexorably revert back to holocausting poor ghetto peoples. The Sabbatean Labor Zionists are protected by being in alliance with the Vatican, as attested to in Shimon Peres’s having ceded part of Jerusalem to Rome as early as 1993. And the Labor Zionists are also in alliance with Nazi regimes, be they German or American, as shown in books like Perfidy by Ben Hecht. Labor Zionists hate orthodox poor Jews and the like, and they never wanted them into Israel. Barry Chamish covers this.
    Anyway, guys like this Laurictoire are tools. Brownshirt tools. And there numbers are growing. And multitudes of poor folk are going to be slaughtered on this continent as a result of their growing movement, which is merely history repeating all over again. These are the people who still listen to “patriot radio” like RBN and GCN. Many of them claim Christ as their Saviour. Beware of them. They have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof, which is why they follow dominionism. Stay away from their leaven. Rome is ultimately controlling them, just as with all previous incarnations of the Inquisition down through history. They are unwitting pawns of the Woman that Rides the Beast, doing the bloody work of that Harlot, even as the German brownshirts did. And soon they will be seeking our own lives, and claiming they are doing the Lord’s work, just like in european history. Gird your loins, folks. The Enemy is coming, and he is already inside the gates, and he has deluded many and will delude many more, and always remember this: Tyranny does indeed thrive in ambiguity. Don’t get fooled by the fuzzy language of these people. When they say “jews”, ask them to be specific and say which jews. When they say “zionists”, ask them specifically, which zionists? But you’d be better off just to flee from them. You will eventually be fleeing from them anyway, whether you like it or not. And pretty soon, from the looks of things here nowadays. People like this are personified in the historical person of John Wilkes Boothe: useful “christian” patriotic tools, thinking they are serving their country (as though God ever desired that) in committing murder, when all the while they were and are unwitting tools of Rome and therefore Satan.

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  16. Brownshirt? You have issues my friend when lightly challenged on your comments. I’m beginning to think you may be a disinfo agent. Thou protesteth too much. I’m hardly online and I work long hours for a living while you post your opinions on the internet 24-7.You totally don’t know me and just because I said I dare look into both sides of the issue about who is on top you fly off the handle with more leftist name-calling! Are you from the left coast? If so I can understand the culture you are immersed in.

    I think you still have one foot in the world Gordon. I know people like you. “We have to take America back. We need to restore the constitution and America’s godly heritage!” I care not for politics and see no solutions in the flesh while you seem to mix christianity with patriot radio and political movements,etc.You need spiritual maturity. You look to he flesh too much.

    I think I said Satan is at the top but can’t I question your conclusion of who is under him without such vitriol? You get hung up on semantics. jews, zionists, whatever. the bible is not so shy–“for fear of the jews.” etc. Christian brothers should be able to discuss these things without worrying what the world would do if they hear it.

    One could easily say you are inciting hate groups to burn down catholic churches. Oh, wait, politically correct Gordon specifically calls them jesuits so the angry mob will only burn down the vatican and jesuit schools and be very discriminating because Gordon knows specifically who the bad guys are. Not like those brownshirts who generalize. Gordon knows the names and adresses of who to get. Just read his bibliography.

    I agree that the nazis were in cahoots with the zionists (Gordon even disapproves of this word) and among other goals that served to inoculate them from future scrutiny because when anybody raises a suspicion about jewish culpability, Gordon Comstock will be there to call them a Brownshirt! The scriptures say the Jews are beloved of God and enemies of the gospel. Jesus said love your enemies. If i see a jesuit or jew bleeding in the street i will show them compassion and mercy even though I may believe they are an enemy of the gospel.

    Anyway,anybody could post just as long and dark a bibliography about jews or whatever you call them. I think people looking into this are smart enough to know the man in the street is ignorant whether catholic or jew. Don’t you think it is obvious both groups work their angle, not just your pet villain?

  17. This is it. Last time, and my sandals are dusted. I said “Brownshirt”, and I say it again: BROWNSHIRT. ANYbody who insists on blaming “Jews” or “Zionists”, in spite of all the facts and the sources which I just made available to you, and then on top of that, still thinks and defends such ambiguous language, language that has proven in past history to have resulted in the torturous deaths of millions of innocent people, is no better than a Nazi Brownshirt. This is no laughing matter. You shrug your shoulders and make light of the same fuzzy language that the Nazis used, while pointing your finger at the same innocent victims the Nazis holocausted. This is DEADLY serious stuff, because it is now coming to the shores of this country, and you are still defending the use of such sloppy and dangerous language. This is what the German brownshirts did. So what other conclusion would you have me draw from this?
    And when you say that I sound like somebody that would believe in the “Constitution and American’s Godly heritage”, you show that you really don’t know a wit about what I have ever said or believed. Have you ever even heard me before at all?????
    And finally, you say that “anybody could post as long and dark a bibiography”—what do you mean by “dark”???? Are you besmirching my sources without ever having read any of them? It sounds as though you just did that. A wise man would never do such a thing (Prov. 18:13). But setting that aside, I will call your bluff: You say anybody could assemble such a bibliography about “the jews”. Okay, go ahead. You be the guy. Assemble your list and post it. Should you do so, you won’t find me ignoring everything on the list, as you just did to mine. And you won’t find me besmirching the list before I ever read anything of it, as you just did with mine.
    But just do me this one thing, okay?—when you are assembling your list, make sure that a great many source books on that list date back to the early-to-mid 1800s. Could you do that for me? You see, I tend to think that we are living in the age of Strong Delusion that the Book of Revelation warned about. Therefore, I don’t know about you, but I for one am apt to believe the older sources a whole heckuva lot more. So, I have accepted your offer, Lavictoire. Assemble your list. You be that guy, okay? I would like to see it. I am earnest in my request. I hope you were serious, and not just throwing out meaningless rhetoric. I am taking you at your words, and would like to see these sources that you say anybody could assemble to prove what you say is true.
    I know I said I wouldn’t respond to you anymore. Well, I obviously stuck around for one more go around. But I want to see this list now. If you provide it, we can continue the discussion. Barring that, I will now honor Proverbs 26:4 and I will not be drawn out into the fray again. Without that list, you can rail against me with brimstone, but I will stay in my cave believing I have made my point and said enough.

  18. Oh, and Laurictoire, when you are assembling your bibliography which shows that “the ‘Jews’ did it”, please make sure and minimize the number of books by Romanist authors, could you do that? You can understand why, from my perspective, those would not be very trustworthy sources, to say the least.
    As for me, the bibliography I submitted has very few of what could be called “Jewish” authors. The only one that pops out immediately would be the Emmanual Josephson book. Sure, he might be rightly be called “Jewish” by one or more of the several definitions for that. But in fact, the bibliography I supplied featured authors of every stripe: Secular, Reformational Protestant, etc. The vast majority of authors I just listed, I suppose, would be Reformational Protestants of some kind. And, what is interesting, there are even one or two Roman Catholic authors I just listed, such as John Cornwell.
    But, at any rate, I understand if a guy like Emmanual Josephson would not be as trustworthy a source to someone like you, as would the rest of my list. Likewise, you understand that any Romanist books you could cite, well, they would likewise be suspect in the eyes of someone like me.
    Okay. That’s enough. I await your bibliographic list, and I’ll check it out, or at least some of it, when you are able to assemble it.

  19. What brown shirts do is in the spirit of the scorpion, they seek to suck up to the system controlled by the serpents through works of the hands (marke of the beast on the hand). They themselves would like to become serpents, but greed and envy stand in their way. These are the men who seek death and shall not find it. Revelation 9:6 they shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

    Judas was a brown shirt seeking the approval of the Pharisees in wanting to gain their favour, rather than seeking the approval Of God. They trust in man and seek mans approval. Judas himself was seeking death and could not find it. (he was seeking true repentance but his heart had already been harden thus he could not find death (repentance). His sorrow was a worldly sorrow, rather than a godly sorrow. This is why he threw the money on the the temple floor seeking the approval men for the remission of sins, this is a worldly repentance. Because Judas could no longer repent he killed himself. In other words Satan had driven him into complete madness. This is the nature of a scorpion. Most of the people who have the mark of the beast are scorpions, very few are the real serpents.



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