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Milton Green was one of the most powerful, spirit filled preachers of modern times. His ministry spanned a short period of time through the 80’s. He already saw the church falling into apostasy then and was dynamic as he spoke out against it, calling people to repentance. His words were prophetic, powerful and anointed, and when I say this I mean truly, as these terms today have been counterfeited by the deceiver beyond recognition. Milton understood and taught the covenant, the churches identity as born again Israel doctrines that today are no where to be found in the corporate harlot. The 3 of us at Watchmen Weekly love Milton Green.


~ by watchmenweekly on December 9, 2011.

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  1. Thanks to you guys, and especially Pete, I also love Milton Green. Thank you for your generosity!

  2. If anyone would like hard copies of a variety of Milton CDs and or DVD teachings, they just need to send me an email to with your address and stating a preference for CD or DVD. Will send both but will lean to your preference. They truly are a blessing and have helped bring significant growth in my understanding and faith in these darkening days.

  3. Thank you very much Pete for making this avaiable to the listeners here on WW. These copies have also been very edifying, and have been a blessing to both me and my spouse since you sent them to us.

    Thanks also Chris for posting the link.

    Peace be with you

  4. Thank you guys for posting about Milton Green!! I look forward to your teachings as well. Thank you Peter for sharing these cds and dvds with the Body of Christ also. Keep listening guys to the Holy Spirit because you are a part of helping to building up the Body of Christ!!! God has truly blessed you!!

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