Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

2Th 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
As idiotic as this TV show is it’s a sad commentary on the condition of our society. Not only that it’s a picture of our society at larger but specifically the evangelical church. The seeker freindly movement while possible begun with good intentions (we won’t bother bringing up that cliche about good intentions) has resulted in a disturbing “dumbing down” of the Chrisitans. We look at this as we welcome Gordon Comstock as guest. We also tie it into the effects on the education system as the Deliberate Dumbing Down of the population has had it’s tentacles reach into all aspects of our society. OUCH! As there is a small remnant ‘waking up” to this phenomenon, they are only frustrated as they try to share truth are recieved with distain by those who “love not the truth”


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  1. The word “soviet” means student council.

  2. hey guys. you can go to the cfr website and look up the membership.
    for instance, katy couric, is a member. how else can one explain her being on broadcast television despite her obvious lack of talent?

    ps i don’t watch tv for a long time now.

    what’s up gordon?

  3. Thank you so much Chris and Gordon for this very encouraging sharing you did on this show,

    I can relate to so many aspects of what you both have been through in your walk with God to get to this point…

    it seems we all have had pain and suffering on the family level, as we choose to follow the truth, and all of what that means, it truly is brutal when a close relative or friend chooses to disown you and sometimes the lonliness of this walk can be overwhelming, but we are given the ability to keep holding on, as there is NO substitute for the truth, and the alternative is death and condemnation,

    this is why we continue to lift our loved ones before our Father, for his mercy in their life to see the truth too…he gives us the strength to keep hanging on and the peace of knowing we are indeed pleasing him as we do so,

    I am encouraged to find others of like mind, and although I dont understand all of what you two have learnt about certain things..I am being shown more and more truth as I submit to the Father for his leading…

    some of the names you mentioned Gordon, as people you onced listened to or followed , I too have done so, untill I was shown the error, it is always a huge disappointment when that happens, and to be honest you get a little scared inside of making more mistakes, and I pray daily that I am kept from error, and led only into the path of truth, with fear and trembling at times..

    I do know we have a certain amount of freedom to explore ideas and thoughts, but eventually if your listening to the Father, he yanks you back onto the right path…

    Chris , you and Bill have done some wonderful shows, I am sad Bob has moved on, but I know that his decision is what is right for him, and I also love to read Pete wilsons posts, I feel we are all on the same search, and while we are all at different points in our relationship with our Father, we will all end up at the same outcome if we keep open and obedient..some of us are feet, others hands and so on..:-)

    the truth that has opened up in the last few years to those that are listening and open is truly amazing, as we throw off the old traditional ways of the “church” we have all been tainted by, we will move forward into more understanding, and blessing..

    I also found 911 was a HUGE wake up call for the world and the message that God sent that day was loud and clear , but so few heard it.. all I heard in my mind all day, was “come out of her my people” revelation 18-4
    it was as CLEAR as if I had someone saying it to me at my side, and it was very sad to me that within a day or so, the old war drum was being sound, and people totally didnt get the fact it was REPENTANCE that was needed from us as a society which is very sick..

    I have noticed in my life for a while now..that it goes in cycles of 7 years, and we entered into a time of judgement 7 years after that, which in my thought was the time of warning…
    I wonder do you have any thoughts on that at all? also have had 2012 in my mind for years, more to the fact that its a hundred years since the titanic went down ,
    which was a warning again…but I truly dont quite know what it means for us here in 2012, DESPITE asking for more widom and revelation on it ..

    I appologize for my long note…May God bless you with many more revelations of the truth for us all, and may he keep you safe and healthy in these perilous days we live in..Angela..

  4. Great podcast. 2 of my favs for 1. I have to laugh whenever Gordon mentions Rockefeller and those dimes. They eventually got those back in spades when they started the March of Dimes scam in public elementary school.

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