End Times 101: The Rapture

Mat 24:40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

If you’re waiting to be “taken” you’ve already been taken.

We are keeping these End Time 101 Studies short enough to fit onto a CD. Our hope is to share this information with as many as possible. Burn CDs and pass them out.


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  1. Hi Chris, I heard and felt your pain. Thanks for your labor in the Word. I have been through much tribulation in my life the latest being losing my daughter. I look to Isaiah 57:1 about the righteous perishing and no man laying to heart, merciful men are taken away none considering that the righteous are taken from the evil to come. Because she was handicapped mentally and physically she would not have understood if I had stopped going to the church we had attended. They definitely adhered to Jewish fables, the pastor himself being Jewish. With everything coming down the track, I see God’s wisdom in taking her now. My heart is still very heavy. I studied naturopathy to help her but through the devices of wicked people I lost guardianship of her. I sought to get it back. I myself am the victim of a bad accident from several years ago that left me with a brain injury and memory loss problems and so life goes on. I could write much more about what has happened but this is definitely not the forum for it.Thanks again. I look forward every week to these messges.

  2. As for the Rapture that Harold Camping said was going to happen on 21 October, here are a few ideas of what may have happened:

    A. No one was Raptured.

    B. Only a very, very small amount of people were Raptured, and they were assisted with a bullet, as Moammar Gadhafi was; and he left a day early.

    C. Everybody was Raptured. That’s right. This is as good as it gets.

    Repeatedly we are told that Scripture is not of any private interpretation, and yet, was has John Darby been given a free pass. Who challenged him when he came out with the rapture theory?

    I have some more of my thoughts concerning the rapture, on the Watchman Weekly shows, on 5-26-11 & 5-30-11.

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