Modern Management

Gen 3:4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

DOWNLOAD MP3 Todays church has become the ultimate corporate model. What happened? how did it happen? Where’s Jesus? Good questions, today at Watchmen Weekly we’re privledged to have as our guest Dean Gotcher from Authority Research. Dean sheds light on exactly what did happen as the authority of scripture has been replaced by “The Group” A key goal of the communist master plan was to take control of the churches and transform them from revelatory to social. Today we see this goal realized as the authority from our Lord through his written word, has been replaced by opinion of the word, confusion thoroughly confounded by modern bible translations. Confusion, the tool in which Satan has relied, since he first caused Eve to question in the garden. Dean brings a wealth of knowledge and awareness with him, and we hope it equips you, as you find your way, navigating the deception of this Harlot System that is Modern Christianity.

The Institution for Authority Research


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  1. I got Dean Gotcher’s material from James Lloyd & It’s always good to review his teachings of devilspeak.

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